Admiral Barry - History

On the trail of Admiral Richard v. Barry.

You may well be wondering where the name BARRY MEMLE comes from, as it does not sound very Austrian. And that is true, because the Barrys have their roots in Ireland, which at the beginning of the 19th century was afflicted by major crises and bloody confrontations with the English. Millions of Irish people emigrated – including Mr Charles Barry, who settled in Trieste. Until 1918 Trieste was the main port of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, so his two sons Alfred and Richard joined the Austrian navy.

Richard was the captain of the ship “Novara” which took Archduke Ferdinand Max, the brother of Emperor Franz Joseph I., to his new empire in Mexico in 1864. Admiral Richard von Barry bought this magnificent property in Velden right on the shore of Lake Wörthersee. Many other imperial and royal naval officers came from his family. His granddaughter Emely (known as “Memle”) built the modern-day lakeside resort there, which is now in its third generation and delights its guests anew every year thanks to its continuous renovation and modernisation.

BARRY MEMLE **** LakesideResort
Family BARRY
Klagenfurter Straße 26
9220 Velden, Carinthia, Austria

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